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phpBB 3.0.7 duyuruldu

phpBB 3.0.7 duyuruldu

İleti ALEXIS 01 Mar 2010 02:06

Bu sürüm ile istikrar arttırıcı düzeltmeler yapılmış, yeni özellikler eklenmiş, performans arttırıcı işlemler ve genel hatalar giderilmiştir. Beslemeler ile ilgili birkaç özellik değişti. Otomatik güncelleyicideki bazı hatalar giderildi, eğer halen 3.0.5 sürümü kullanıyorsanız, yeni sürüme geçmeniz faydalı olabilir.

phpbb.com haberinde geçen şu kısım önemli gibi görünüyor:

"Destek ekibimiz sadece phpBB 3.0.7, phpBB 3.0.7 ve phpBB 3.0.7 dönüşümleri güncellemeleri destekleyecek."

phpBB 3.0.7 dosyaları

phpBB 3.0.6 sürümünün içerdiği küçük değişiklikler, özellikler

  • You can now see private forums in your ATOM feeds using HTTP authentication by passing the GET parameter "auth=http".
  • The INTTEXT token was added to custom BBCodes to allow for non-ASCII letters in html attributes.
  • You can now enable quick reply in all forums with a single click.

phpBB 3.0.6 sürümünün içerdiği küçük fonksiyonel değişiklikler

  • Warn users about potentially dangerous BBcodes.
  • Forum feed no longer includes posts of subforums.
  • Speed up topic move operation by adding an index for topic_id on the topics track table. (Bug #56545)
  • Move redirect into a hidden field to avoid issues with mod_security. (Bug #54145)
  • Log user activations through inactive users ACP. (Bug #30145)
  • Alter ACP user quick tools interface to reduce confusion with the delete operation.
  • Show a proper preview for the Q&A CAPTCHA. (Bug #56365)
  • Send time of last item instead of current time in ATOM Feeds. (Bug #53305)
  • Split "All topics" feed into "New Topics" and "Active Topics" feeds.
  • It is no longer possible to persist a solution for the login CAPTCHA.
  • Friends and foes will not show up as private message rule options if their respective UCP modules are disabled. (Bug #51155)
  • Offer for guests to log in for egosearch and unreadposts search before the search permissions check. (Bug #51585)

3.0.6 sürümünden sonra yapılan önemli değişiklikler

  • Allow ban reason and length to be selected and copied in ACP and subsilver2 MCP. (Bug #51095)
  • Correctly set last modified headers. (Bug #54245, thanks Paul.J.Murphy)
  • Make word censoring case insensitive. (Bug #54265)
  • Fulltext-MySQL search for keywords and username at the same time. (Bug #54325)
  • Various XHTML and CSS mistakes in prosilver and subsilver2. (Bugs #54705, #55895, #57505, #57875 - Patch by HardStyle)
  • Cleanly handle forum/topic not found in ATOM Feeds. (Bug #54295)
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility: Check if function dl() exists before calling it. (Bug #54665)
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility: Disable E_DEPRECATED on startup to keep set_magic_quotes_runtime(0) quiet. (Bug #54495)
  • Correctly replace table prefix before inserting schema data into the database. (Bug #54815)
  • Use memcache::replace() instead of memcache::set() for existing keys to prevent problems.
  • Check for required functions in eAccelerator. (Bug #54465)
  • Use correct RFC 3339 date format in ATOM feed. (Bug #55005)
  • Do not deliver topics from unreadable or passworded forums in the news feed. (Bug #54345)
  • Restore user language choice to compiled stylesheets. (Bug #54035)
  • Do not permit unauthorised users to delete private messages from folder listing. (Bug #54355)
  • Handle export of private messages where all recipients were deleted. (Bug #50985)
  • Add ability to disable overall (aka board-wide) feed.
  • Do not pass new_link parameter when creating a persistent connection with mysql. (Bug #55785)
  • Improved search query performance through sorting words by their occurance. (Bug #21555)
  • Strictly check whether a moderator can post in the destination forum when moving topic. (Bug #56255)
  • Do not unsubscribe users from topics replying with quickreply. (Bug #56235)
  • Don't submit when pressing enter on preview button. (Bug #54395)
  • Load reCAPTCHA over https when using a secure connection to the board. (Bug #55755)
  • Don't send activation email when user tries to change email without permission. (Bug #56335 - Fix by nrohler)
  • Correctly orientate quoted text image on RTL languages. (Bug #33745)
  • Fall back to default language email template if specified file does not exist. (Bug #35595)
  • Database updater now separates ADD COLUMN from SET NOT NULL and SET DEFAULT, when using PostgreSQL <= 7.4 (Bug #54435)
  • Styles adjustment to correctly display an order of rtl/ltr mixed content. (Bugs #55485, #55545)
  • Do not store email templates in database. (Bug #54505)
  • Fix problems with firebird by no longer using 'count' as a column alias. (Bug #57455)
  • Make user_email_hash() function independent from system's architecture. (Bug #57755)
  • Global announcements could not be accessed on a board using Firebird as the database server. (Bug #57525)
  • Do not delete unrelated attachments when deleting empty forums. (Bug #57375)
  • Update process: Store expected resulting file contents in cache and do not suggest further merges if the contents match, also fixes infinite merge loop (Bug #54075)
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